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HEETS Bronze
The design of the package of HEETS Bronze looks very stylish. It is laconic, without excesses, with convex inscription on the front side. Phillip Morris positions all kinds of sticks HEETS as an extension of the brand Parliament. But many users of IQOS in their reviews say that this is far from true. Bronze Label HEETS differ in their internal device, and most importantly - in taste.

HEETS Bronze Flavour
When It comes to the taste of the new sticks, often people say the "taste is classic". But if you go deeper, in fact the taste of HEETS Bronze Label reminds of chocolate, or rather cocoa. It tastes thin and light, but I felt it immediately.

The stick itself is also no different from others, except, of course, the color of the traditional three stripes on the filter of the stick itself. Heets Bronze Label has them in brown, from darker to lighter. Also, the HEETS Bronze price is similar to other types of heatsticks. The stick is also full of glued tobacco strips.

As for the taste characteristics, HEETS Bronze aroma is the closest to ordinary cigarettes. Thanks to the aromatizer, even without smoking the stick, you can feel the cocoa flavor, pleasant and sweet. When heated, the smell is very specific and many people ridicule it.

Their saturation is not bad, a little lighter than amber's, although many claim the opposite. Anyway, these sticks leave a nice chocolate aftertaste, and in the beginning you can clearly feel the prunes. Unfortunately, now, after a long time, these notes are not as tangible as they were originally, but still it is the taste that has remained a favorite.

We definitely recommend you to buy HEETS Bronze at least to test the novelty. And whether you like it or not is up to you.
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