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2 BOXES (20 PCS)

2 box of 20 packs

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Purple Wave HEETS - Fresh Berry

Freshness 2/5;
Saturation 3/5;
Density 2/5;
Fragrance 5/5

Blend: starts with cooling menthol and reveals the aroma of forest berries.
Packaging: a small rectangular tutu with a simple design.
Distinctive color of Purple Wave sticks - purple. This color is made and the inscription HEETS. Product information is provided on the entire perimeter of the pack. The sticks are short and have three strips of purple color and silver edging.
The tobacco takes about 1/3 of the stick, the rest is a filter.
The appearance of the sticks does not differ from that of the HEETS Yellow Label, but the stripes on the filter are not yellow, but lilac.
The HEETS Purple label sticks themselves are very tightly packed and need to be kneaded before they can be inserted into IQOS. But this is already, we can say, a standard procedure when using tobacco sticks.
These sticks have a filter, like ordinary cigarettes. Inside, there are tobacco sticks glued together.

The most interesting thing is about taste. It is comparable to Richmond cherry cigarettes. Quite a pronounced taste of aroma, some kind of berry with cold. You will like it for sure. There is no unpleasant taste or tobacco smell in the mouth after them. This, of course, a huge plus.

In addition, almost all the sticks that were in this tutu are well dried. And there is no steam from them at all when you start smoking, only a little amount of it at the end.

In general, the taste of this novelty is for a big fan of all kinds of aromatic additives. If, for example, you smoked the aroma of a cigarette (with fruit or berry flavors), then you may like the HEETS Purple Label.

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