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2 BOXES (20 PCS)

2 box of 20 packs

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HEETS Turquoise Flavor
The taste of HEETS Turquoise Label can be easily recognized by a stylish tutu with turquoise design. There are 20 pieces in one pack.

Packaging: sticks are in a compact rectangular package. For easy recognition of taste, each type has its own distinctive color. Turquoise Selection has a turquoise color.
The necessary information about the product is presented all around the perimeter. There is a description, manufacturer and importer data, date of manufacture.
Volume: 6.1 g. Quantity: 20 pcs.
The color on the filter is marked with stripes.

Fragrance: the pack smells brightly of menthol and only menthol. The smell of HEETS Turquoise Label flavor is strong, refreshing, pleasant, invigorating and cool.
Consistency: tobacco is tightly pressed inside the sticks.

From the first puff, you will feel a refreshing, strong taste of menthol. But the most important thing is that it is not bitter, not sharp, and does not cause tears or coughing. The taste of HEETS Turquoise menthol is very bright, but pleasant, cool and invigorating.
Every user will be delighted with the cooling effect he will feel in the mouth. You won't feel bitterness when smoking and the taste of tobacco becomes almost invisible. The aroma of menthol remains until the last puff. When smoking Turquoise Selection sticks, the specific aroma that accompanies smoking HEETS sticks is almost invisible, but the aroma of menthol too. The strength is not high, but they are not quite light either.
After smoking, the taste of mint in the mouth remains, there is no negative aftertaste, only a slight smell of coals.

How to make the taste of the stick brighter?
It's simple, you need to knead the stick carefully with your fingers before you insert it into IQOS. Then, when smoking, the taste becomes more intense and the steam is larger.

  • Refresh ability
  • Bright menthol flavor
  • Muffles the specific aroma that appears when smoking IQOS
  • No taste of tobacco
  • No bitterness
  • Not strong
  • Don't pull your throat

  • Unknown amount of nicotine
  • Unknown composition
We suggest you to buy only original HEETS Turquoise sticks. They will definitely appeal to fans of refreshing menthol flavor and medium strength cigarettes.
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