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Heets Yellow
It is a soft and fragrant tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes.

The tutu's design is made in traditional laconic style. The compact package of 7.5x5 cm has a modest design, typical for the whole standard series of HEETS Yellow Label - on a white background there is an inscription with relief letters, the valve top is painted in yellow. The number of stickers - 20 pieces, 10 in each section.

HEETS Yellow taste has a soft tobacco flavor of Virginia, Burley, Oriental. It resembles traditional 4-6 class cigarettes with an approximate nicotine content of 1 mg/sig. When smoking, you can feel a slight aroma of spices. This option is great for new users, especially those who previously smoked light and medium cigarettes, but then decided to switch to IQOS.

The sticks are short, stretch easily, do not pull the throat and produce little smoke, while allowing you to smoke. They are perfect for daily consumption, but smokers with experience will seem to be weak. HEETS Yellow filter is strong, without mouthpiece and inscriptions, in the lips does not wrinkle and almost no different from cigarettes.

The taste of Heet Yellow Label sticks is really soft and the steam from these sticks has less odor than from Parliament Blue sticks, and it is not as sharp as people say. They soar more pleasantly, that's for sure. This is the weakest flavor of non-menthol ones. We can call them classic, it is more correct to say: a light version of the classic Amber sticks. For inveterate smokers, for those who have smoked quite hard cigarettes or for those who like cigarettes with capsules, the Yellow Label is not suitable as it is too weak.
The Heet Yellow Label sticks used do not differ in appearance from the unused ones. Of the two packs, not a single stick that would have burned the paper after use.

Before inserting a stick in the IQOS device itself, it is desirable to stretch it a little, as it is quite tightly packed. There is not as much steam from these heatsticks as there is in Parliament Blue ones.

We suggest you buy HEETS Yellow sticks from us because we offer the best HEETS Yellow label price among all online stores in Arabic market. They will definitely appeal to fans of constant smooth flavor of tobacco and medium strength cigarettes.
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